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Hello to everybody!!!!

Soo I just wanrt to introduce this new part of holmes?s and my weblog, our (or more mine?????) international part!!!!

Especially for all my friends in South Africa I had to leave yesterday, I want to have this english part to tell my feelings or thoughts to the world, alll the world that speaks English!!!

So, my first writing in here:

As I said, I left South Africa yesterday, after three incredibly wonderful months. It was just an awesome, awesome time I want to thank everybody who made it what it was for!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!

I will keep it short: I was completly torn apart yesterday and the day before, when I left. All my feelings where driving rollercoaster, and twice, once after sitting alone and waiting for my boarding to my domestic flight amnd then landing in Frankfurt finally I cried: I cried of sadness to depart, of joy to see my family and friends soon, of pain to have to leave loved ones and good friens behind, of happines to gat back home... it was quite intense, but I know that everybody from my group felt quite the same.

Guys and girls, I miss you!!!! I?m so happy to be with my friends at home, but nevertheless I miss you!

After all the journey I can tell you, I want to tell you this one thing: There?s nothing better and more fantastic than travelling and returning home. And for all of you in SA who think of me every now abd again, I promise you, naxt year I will return home, to the one home on the other half of the globe, to where my soul seems to belong: Africa!!!!
I?m sooo looking forward to seeing you again!
I love you all, I?ll never forget you and the wonderful time we spent together! All the best for you!
I?ll keep in contact with you, and feel completely free to write into our "G?stebuch" (guestbook) or to make a comment on any of my article (just click on Kommentare and send it)
Would be great to hear from you!

All the best!!!!
Rian am 8.7.05 21:03

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