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I had quite a shocking thought recently... I was working in a factory for three weeks during the holidays, just to earn some extra money, and this thought hit me like lightning:
People keep on destroying this planet, all the time they do. I love this earth, and I want to protect it, but suddenly I realised that I was a part of this big machine destroying the earth by doing the job I did. I didn?t cause the damage, and I wasn?t responsible for what was produced in that factory or what they did to the environment, nor could I possibly have stopped it, but I was a part of it...

But I think we all are, in one way or the other... It?s a shame that humans are so weak... actually we should return to nature, living in harmony with it, but I?m sure most of us wouldn?t last two weeks... we depend so much on our machines and cars and stores... all of us keep on destroying the world to survive, some more, some less...

Perhaps we we can do is to save the few rivers not poisened yet, the few woods still standing and the few kinds of plants and animals that have survived us so far. Everyone can make a difference, so I?ll just keep on trying... even though I?m just a small piece in this big machine eating this planet, called mankind...

28.8.05 11:09

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