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I?m bored... at least a little bit, at school... we aren?t doing anything important anymore. Well, some subjects are simply fun right now (history, just playing games... so funny!!!), but most of the time.. Boredom.

Actually I?m not really bored, I don?t even have time to be... Since I?ve been back I have been running around like a mad thing, movies, meeting friends, going horsebackriding, swimming, Red Cross... so many things to do, and so few time!

I have really changed in the time I stayed in South Africa... I didn?t realise it down there, but now... I?m more self- confident, and though I miss my friends down there I think I?m happier than ever... everything just fits and works out at the moment. And I?ve grown stronger: I?m able to take critic without taking it personally or being disappointed or hurt, it?s just okay, i try to change it if there?s anything to complain about me.
I think I?ve grown up quite a bit.

Time keeps running, and I keep changing. I think that?s just the way it is... Changing makes you being, existing, it makes you human, gives you an identity. How did our German teacher say: In the moment you say "I am" you are lying because you are always changing, you can?t definate yourself or your character... complicated! Well, I know that for myself I changed for good, so I just won?t worry and relax and go on changing, living.

Guys, always stay the way you like yourself! Your changing anyway, but never let anybody change you, it?s not worth it!
20.7.05 13:59

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Holmes (20.7.05 18:33)
Don't forget your new love my dear ^^


Congratulations *smile* ^^

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