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it's over now....

My Abitur-exams... the last three weeks were tormenting, in a way....I was so nervous because of these exams, stressed because I couldn't memorize everything I moight have needed to know, stressed because I was so excited, stressed because my family bothered me, and most of all my brain, signalizing that it was too tired and too fed up and exhausted to suck in further information far too often for my taste...

I was a totally different person in those days... stressed, panicking even, aggressive, fed up... and my body is quite funny when getting nervous..... especially my bowel... but never mind that now....
I am glad it is over, and I think I have donde rather well... at least in Bio... I didn't want to write that thing anymore, the last test of all.... I was just too fed up, and thinking only about getting it over, not about the test itself. From exam to exam I grew more oblivious to the importance of those exams, and more and more fed up with them.... and thus, I think, I got better, because I was more relaxed... I could work on my normal level in Bio again, not with shaking hands at first and a body that nedded half an hour to calm down enough to let the brain do proper thinking...

But now it is over I am myself again, and it feels great... an oral in two weeks time, than I am done, except I choose to try to improve my marks with orals again... which I really am considering seriously... but that's far of, and not that important anymore... I will see on the 15th of June... this will be the day it will be decided if those mornings our teachers claimed to be good mornings really were good... or ill....

I am just glad I have the time to read again... The Narn is on its way already... I am lokking forward to it.... journeying Middle-Earth once more....
28.5.07 12:00

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