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By the way...

Oh, by the way, I sat my first Abitur-exam yesterday.... German...

The first hour was horrible, and I don't thoink I wrote anything exceedingly good or worth a great mark, but it was no catastrophy.... I think it's going to be an average B, so it will be fine....

I was feeling so weird.... my mind was like a sieve at first, it couldn't keep anything I read, I didn't comprehend anything at all.... I don't know why I chose the topic I wrote about, three of the four were okay actually..... a basis to work on... OI just began to write about the poem.... Johann Wolfgang Goethe.... Wiederfinden...

I like his poems... he is great at conjuring up images in the readers mind, and a s soon as I was able to explain those imagers, analyse his stylistic devises and metaphors I enjoyed writing.... the poem was okay, I only hope I interpreted it the right way... and didn't explain less stylistic devces than I should.... but well, I took into account everything they wanted me to, his text about the colours that was given as well, and the way people and the world were seen at his time... I even explained why this is to be found out htrough the poem...

The b) question wasn't as bad as I feared either.... I had to compare the influence of modern sciences on literature in Goethes poem and some other literary work... I chose an author of an earlier time, of the age of enlightenment, who didn't take sciences into account, but strenghened the claim of God as the only real "scientific law" and the highest joy and aim.... I think that was okay..... and I hope that I wrote something really sensible somewhere within these twenty pages I covered with ink....

considering I felt so abashed that I nearly considered handing in the empty paper I did quite well... I really think it was one of the worst hours of my life until I started interpreting..... but well, I'll see what came - or will come - of it....

I am just glafd it is over now... the next ones won't be that bad now, I hope.....
12.5.07 19:18

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Skythen (12.5.07 19:39)
Also ich muss sagen, auch wenn du bei anderen Dingen durchaus auch lesenswert schreibst gefällt es mir besser wenn es um so persönliche Sachen geht.
Deine ungreifbaren Gedanken finde ich manchmal etwas besorgniserregend, nicht dass man das Gefühl bekommt du könntest irgendeinen Scheiß machen aber ... Es wirkt als würdest du dir zu viele Gedanken machen. Viele Dinge sind schlecht, für wahr und gegen viele sollte was getan werden, doch gibt es leider genausi viele gegen die man nichts tun kann, auch du nicht, also solltest du dir deinen Kopf nicht zuuu sehr an solchen Gedanken zerbrechen.
Will dir auch nicht raten es zu lassen, nimm es nur nicht alles zu ernst

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