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My city

Friday was actually an ordinary day, but in a way it wasn?t... the weather was good after quite many days of rain, and the way that day "felt" was more than extraordinary....

I love my city, Nuremberg... it such a beautiful town, all these old, ancient housed, churches... I got up to the ground from the underground, into bright sunlight, and suddenly I was filled with this amazing joy... it felt so good and so right just to be there, to breathe.. it felt like singing and dancing right on the spot where I stood. I could see the castle from where I stood, high and great upon the hill opposite of me... I don?t think it has ever been conquered. It was just so beautiful, old, this slice of the middle ages right here, in our time... indeed I could have felt put back in time that day... it?s wonderful to have the old parts of the city and the modern life right next to each other... I just love my town, the castle, the crazy shops you can find there, the cinemas and my friends... I think I wouldn?t want to leave it, not for anything in the world. For a time yes, I love travelling, seeing foreign countries, cultures, but only when I?m sure to be able to return to my beloved, ancient city...
28.8.05 11:20

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