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I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to listen to music again!

There was a time, a very short while ago, when I wasn't able to... or at least I was not able to enjoy it. I mean, I still liked the songs, I still loved all those songs I tried to listen to, but I was not able to enjoy them any longer... they were annoying me... it was terrible.

I bought the new Faun-Album, and that was fo two weeks the only thing I could listen to... but still not while I was studying for my exams... usually I listen to music every minute in my life I am able to, but I coulnd't bear music while I was trying to memorize all this stuff in Bio or all my vocabs in English... it was cruel, in a way....

But yesterday everything was the way it had always been...
I put in Fiddler's Green once more, and I went hopping around my room once more... it was AWESOME!!!!! I think no one who has not felt that way can understand what I mean, but it was a great relief to be able to enjoy what I love again....

So celebrate, and jubilate 'cause I'm almost free tonight!!!! I love Fiddler's Green..... *humm along* .... *fg*
28.5.07 11:51

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